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Justin Bieber Doesn't Know Who Shawn Mendes Is

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Published: September 16, 2015

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And despite ALL the musical comparisons between Shawn and Justin Bieber, along with their Canadian roots AND even their looks, still no recollection of Shawn and this isn’t awkward or anything…

So it’s safe to say if JB didn’t know, before, well, NOW he knows. The shocking news came about just yesterday when Justin sat down for an interview with New York's 95.5 PLJ radio show. The host, Ralphie Aversa asked Justin if he had any advice for Shawn, seeing that they were both Internet sensations, but instead of any confusion, the Biebs came back with a question of his own:

Justin’s answer even took the interviewer by surprise, to which Ralphie followed up the question by saying, "Oh! Oh wow, so you don't even… I thought for sure you might, because he's also from southern Ontario."
Whether Justin was being sincere in actually not knowing who Shawn is or was throwing some major not-so-subtle shade, he did allude to the fact that Shawn will soon be on his playlists, saying QUOTE, "No, I don't know him, but I will check him out, for sure."
And by the looks of it, we can already assume Shawn is one of Justin’s biggest fans, even after finding out Justin has yet to discover him. During an interview with BBC radio just this morning, after Shawn was informed about all of the awkwardness that went down, he replied, QUOTE, “We haven’t met, but I guess he just doesn’t know. I’m definitely a fan, I looked up to him for a while, but I guess he just doesn’t know who I am. We’ll have to let him know.” He has also covered Justin’s singles and even admitted he loves JB’s new single “What Do You Mean” saying he “can’t stop listening to it.”
Alright so now I really want to hear your opinion on all of this. Do you think Justin really didn’t know who Shawn was or was there a hint of shade being thrown by Justin? Regardless, I’m just hoping for a totally epic JB/Shawn Mendes collab sometime in the near future, but in the meantime get the converstiaon going right down here in the comments section below and after that you can click over here to watch us get all debatable over the best reality TV show. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Ryland Adams and happy hump day!

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